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The President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has on several occasions assured Ghanaians he is committed to dealing with any sort of scandal by government officials at high levels. Therefore, as part of our responsible journalism and the quest to champion the change we need against corruption, we have made efforts to help the President fight corrupt officials. We at the Salis Newspaper have taken up the initiative to support government with our series of investigations exposing corrupt public servants from all sectors of public office. Since corruption is a major concern to everyone, this is the contribution being made by the Salis Newspaper to helpPresident Nana Akufo-Addo. We have managed to gather video evidence to the effect that, indeed some stinky deals are already taking place and being executed by some officials at the road sector. The Salis took up the challenge to investigate corruption at the road construction sector after our investigators received reports of massive extortions and kickbacks being taken from potential investors and contract bidders. Our investigators posed as investors seeking contracts from the road construction sector and it was quite amazing how the kickback drama unfolded. Our first point of call was the Tema Regional Department of Urban, Roads, where we met the Tema Metro Director of Urban Roads, Benjamin Bampoe. We then arranged to meet him. The team was warmly welcomed with interactions, out of which, we made our mission clear to him that we were investors targeting the road sector. Mr. Benjamin Bampoe then opened up for discussions and offered to help but, as you know, there seems to be nothing like free help in Ghana. Some way somehow, someone definitely needs to pay these big men. Mr. Bampoe immediately placed a call to the action man and the main man himself, Francis Torsu, who happens to be the New Juaben Municipal Director of Urban Roads. This is the big man running the show. He is based in Koforidua in the Eastern region but he is mostly in Accra making deals with his personal interest apparently ahead of any other thing; a very big and busy man, we were told. The team then met Francis Torsu at the African Regent Hotel to discuss business. Mr. Torsu, upon seeing the team of young men, questioned whether they had the capital and necessary huge financial muscle. At this point, he assured the investigators of getting them contracts from the road construction especially the Ghana Highways Authority,among others, since he had a lot of influence in the system and was well linked to the big people at the top. After a successful first time meeting with Francis Torsu, we went back to Tema to see Benjamin Bampoe on the way forward. Mr. Bampoe revealed that there had been a delay in the inauguration of the Road Fund Board, which usually has the Minister For Roads & Transport as the Chairman of the Board. He explained that the delay in the inauguration of the Board has brought everything to a standstill at the road sector. He revealed that this delay also hindered the approval of new construction projects, where it is their jurisdiction since that is where they have big influence. Mr. Bampoe mentioned that there should be a package for the big man to make him happy and to convince him well that ‘you are indeed serious investors. New Juaben Municipal Director of Urban Roads, Francis Torsu A start-up token for the big man, Francis Torsu, usually ranges from GHC1,000 (One Thousand Ghana Cedis) and above. As usual, then came the token of appreciation after fruitful discussions. Mr. Bampoe is captured in a secret video recording taking this money. He looked more than happy to receive the money. A second time meeting was arranged with the investigators, where Francis Torsu was given his share of the booty. These are the kind of characters running the show at the road sector and obviously at the end of the day execution of shoddy works by contractors is the price Ghana has to pay for. This is the kind of system we find ourselves in. Corruption here, corruption there, corruption everywhere and from all indications it appears there is no end in sight

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