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Revealing the hidden truth

we are here to reveal all the hidden truth

Our History

Established five years ago, the SALIS Newspaper has seen a lot of transformation especially in the area of branding. With the original name of ILLUMINATOR, the SALIS has finally agreed on with the ultimate goals of achieving the reason for our establishment and existence.

Our Aim

The SALIS is an undercover investigative outfit which has been established to reveal all hidden matters hindering the growth and progress of our Motherland Ghana and the World at large.

Our Objective

As a media outfit, we are here to give a new dimension to the old ways of lazy journalism in the country and the World by going the extra mile to REVEAL THE HIDDEN TRUTH. All our stories have been and forever be backed with video evidence in order to clear all doubts. If all the WHOs, WHATs, WHENs, WHICHs, WHYs, and HOWs have been answered, we will reveal the bad nuts in the society.


Our Vision

In order to make our country and the World a better place to live, we all have the primary responsibility to identify, choose, adopt and live with acceptable practical principles of life. As we take a critical look of the ills in our society, we are also mindful of the longevity of some of these ills but we will surely get there one day.

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